Direct and multi-chanel marketing

Cohesive design campaigns for multiple channels. We live in the era of multiple channels: the client chooses when and how to consume information, present in many platforms that allow us to connect with him. From Meydis we design the most effective campaigns, adapting to the requirements of the channel and the target audience.

We have our own production centers with all the necessary means and to campaign multichannel direct marketing technology: We have platforms send bulk e-mails and SMS and Contact Center to develop campaigns sending and receiving calls.

Online marketing

The possibilities offered by internet marketing field are so broad that it is impossible to raise any communication strategy, and even business growth without having this online marketing. Currently, due to the technological maturity of society and the constant evolution of technologies, we can not talk about offline marketing without considering marketing in the digital world, an environment that the user appreciates the immediate, near and where you can information easily. In the 2.0 world the customer has changed, it is dynamic and is connected to multiple devices 24 hours a day. In Meydis we offer integrated online marketing services tailored to the business strategy of our clients:

  • Design and programming of all kinds of websites and microsites
  • Positioning Strategy SEO / SEM
  • Social Media
  • Own platform for sending automated e-mailing campaigns and SMS.

Offline marketing

In just a few years online marketing has been imposed in the communication strategies of companies, but there remains a large segment of users still exposed to the impacts generated by offline media. We have over 35 years experience in the design and implementation of comprehensive marketing proposals for our customers. We have the newest equipment and infrastructure leading to run the most successful campaigns.

Printing and personalization

The printed format is still of great importance in the marketing, especially because the link generated by the consumer is much more emotional.

To produce your paper documents we have the machinery park laser printing more important national color. With this equipment we carry out both short and long runs of any item type and format. Also, we have laser machines B / N for printing and customization of large volumes of documents.

We also have full color technology, which allows us to print documents transpromo 100% custom color.

Intelligent enveloping

We have leading technology in smart ensobrado, allowing us to combine greater precision with high processing speed, to make their mailings to advance rapidly. High sensitivity detectors our systems selected and promptly removed the wrong postal items, automatically diverting them to be reprocessed. Also, our intuitive task-switching systems maximize productivity processes with intelligent inserters capable of collating up to 8 custom elements.

Our mailers are designed to handle a variety of paper types and sizes by technology that guarantees 100% document integrity, essential when communications are becoming more customized and innovative time.

Postal distribution and mailshot

  • Postal Distribution: We provide our customers the best postcard advice on the pre-production of their mailings and postal treatment, ensuring that offline direct marketing campaigns obtain the largest number of impacts on the population.
  • Post Audit: we conduct quality audits campaign, in which our mission is to verify that postal operators comply with commitments to our customers. We submit to exhaustive quality controls our operators, and select the areas in which we conduct these campaigns, studying the target of your company and the profile of the area.
  • Mailshot: We distribute advertising materials at the national level, and may also carry out any type of delivery:
    Pomming / perching: We reached the user door and put the coat hanger brochure on the knob of his door.
    windshielding: placement of advertising materials on the windshields of cars.
    Hand Delivery: in areas of special interest in the specified target, such as schools, health centers, supermarkets, …
    Sampling: distribution of demonstrations and product testing.

Fullfilment and promotion management

The fullfilment is the strategy to successfully resolve product orders or requests for information made by recipients of a marketing campaign. In Meydis we own Call Center that allows us to streamline the management of the response, in addition to platforms designed for recording or sending gifts coupons. We design and develop landing pages with forms of participation, nested on its website. We handle the relevant notarial requirements and drew up the basis for promotions, subjecting them to careful analysis of our legal experts to ensure that scrupulously comply with the law.

Own callcenter

Call Center: Through the regular telephone network or IP telephony networks manage our own Call Center, which interact with the customer by personal care or through voice mail.

Receiving incoming calls: customer service, events confirmation, promotion management …
Outbound: telesales, telephone surveys, updating databases.
Contact Center: We manage customer relationships through various channels Simultaneously: email, fax, SMS or web collaboration sessions and chat.